Amber Fort – Jaipur – Delhi, INDIA


DAY 3: 9:00 AM – Amber Fort

August 15, 2015. Call time was 9:00 AM for the third day and final leg of the Golden Triangle tour. The driver was already at the parking at 9:00AM. Breakfast at the KK Royal was okay. Food attendant would ask you how your eggs are done and he would cook it the way you want them. As usual no rice on the breakfast menu. Check-out was quick. Hotel staff were helpful in getting you in and out of the property. There was free wifi all over the hotel. Their Hyderabadi biryani was reasonably priced and deliciously hot and spicy.

The same local guide was already waiting at the foot of the Amber Fort to start the final itinerary of the tour – climbing our way up by a 30-min elephant ride. There were many groups of tourists mainly coming from Europe and some locals. Several of them were from Italy. The elephant ride was bumpy so you would need to be careful not to fall and be trampled by the mammoth. There were many local photographers who would like to have your photographs taken while riding the elephant en route to the Sun Gate of the Amber Fort so it would be up to you if you want. The Amber Fort was empty as expected but it was one huge fortress to behold. The walls around the fort extend around 28 kilometers. Lake Maota is situated at the frontier of the fort which served then as the water source. I was consumed by the information from the local guide I failed to take photograph of the whole fort from its base. It was, however, a worth sight after a long drive from Agra.

11899993_1149178195109156_3758464027812676875_n  11863400_1149178325109143_1441555041113533670_n

11888102_1149178578442451_4572094666231882338_n  11855715_1149178418442467_5032546396360805154_n

11887923_1149178438442465_6530554010768390679_n    11898651_1149178718442437_2602869522363415528_n

11223317_1149178778442431_8625762767146538061_n  11870915_1149179701775672_8423494225308406045_n  11898566_1149178715109104_4604132223871057146_n

11035742_1149180121775630_4259511254207672285_n  11855688_1149178738442435_1400272753940972382_n  11855677_1149178648442444_2507584453590935090_n

Left Amber Fort in Jaipur past 12:00 PM for the return trip to Delhi. Distance from Jaipur to Delhi is 268 km by car and the roads are not well-paved. Mr. Singh handily squeezed his way through big trucks and trailers amidst heavy rains back to the capital. I slept through the traffic that was caused by these trucks and by around 4:00PM we arrived at the aerocity in Delhi and checked-in to my third hotel – Red Fox Hotel. We were supposed to go to India Gate for a short visit and then to pass through Chandni Chowk, but it was still raining heavily the driver said he would not go. I could have called GetsHolidays but I was dead tired from travel I decided to just rest at the hotel. The Red Fox hotel is of modern type, quite big for a budget hotel alongside Holiday Inn and JW Marriot hotels inside the aerocity. Downside was that there was no money-changing service in the reception or anywhere inside the hotel. The room is enough for one guest, with hot/cold shower, a small couch and a table, and a flat TV. The in-room dinner was reasonably priced and delicious.

IMG_1716    IMG_1718


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