Angkor Wat – Siem Reap, Cambodia

Day 1: Bangkok – Siem Reap (by train)

Traveled with a friend from Bangkok to Siem Reap on August 2015. Looking back, it was a shame we stayed only for barely 2 days in a such a beautiful place. We planned ahead the travel and agreed to just swing by Siem Reap from Bangkok for a short visit to the Angkor Wat. Man! I was wrong. We should have stayed longer. The place was very warm to travelers – cheap and laid back – you could afford to go lazying around and forget that you would come back to work after your very short vacation. I would definitely go back to this place and see the sunset, and this time I hope to bring someone dear to me.

Getting there. Now, back to the drill. Crossing border from Bangkok to Siem Reap was a breeze. The cheapest way to get to the land of wats is going by train. From the Hualamphong railway station in Bangkok, take a third class (and the only one) train going to Aranyaprathet – the last station at the Thailand border. There are two daily trips for this route, the first one leaves at 5:55AM and the last one at 1:05 PM. Tickets are bought on the same day of your travel so you need to come early to make sure you will get your ticket if you want to catch the early morning trip. Ticket price was incredibly cheap at 48 baht. If you go in the morning, I would recommend that you take a seat at the left side of the train to avoid the morning sun. Going by train will give you a breezy view of the countryside from the windows. Breakfast can be had inside the station in Hualamphong or you can pre-buy snacks at the nearby 7-Eleven store just across the station. Local snacks and delicacies can also be bought onboard from boarding vendors at different stations.

IMG_1736  IMG_1737



11921802_1151372648223044_6622494087317472501_o  IMG_1739


4:30 AM. We checked-out from Krungkasem Hotel and crossed the creek towards the Hualamphong station. Krungkasem Srikrung hotel was barely a 5-minute walk to the station. We took the early 5:55 AM trip from Bangkok and arrived in Aranyaprathet past 12 noon. Outside the station of Aranyaprathet, we took a tuktuk to Poipet, the border town at the Cambodian side. Right at the Aranyaprathet side, we climbed towards the Immigration building for the necessary departure stamp from Thailand. After getting through the Thailand Immigration, we came down towards the uncovered alley which was at the Cambodian side already and passed through the Cambodian quarantine area, filled up some health record form and then proceeded towards Cambodian Immigration office. You will process your Visa on Arrival at this office in Poipet border. For nationals from ASEAN-member countries like the Philippines, you don’t need to pay anything to get your passport stamped. Just right outside the Immigration, there was free bus ride to the Poipet integrated terminal where you can choose whether to take a bus, minivan or taxi for your onward journey. Funny thing was that, an Immigration official in Aranyaprathet “jokingly” asked for a tip when he released my passport. I never heard him the first time, so I asked him again if I had problem with my passport or the departure card. He then asked me again if I would like to give him a tip. I smiled and told him all my Bahts were spent in Bangkok. LOL.




11906801_1151372981556344_6053431170503687418_o  11893955_1151373044889671_4753166286482355595_o

11893955_1151373121556330_6829263329640476765_o  11053488_1151373171556325_4974310221213479820_o   11892288_1151373174889658_6735554328703421801_o  11112320_1151373214889654_8472673748406823852_o

Poipet – Siem Reap. 2:30 PM. We took the mini-bus ride from the Poipet terminal to Siem Reap. Travel time was around 2 hours and reached Siem Reap proper at around 4:30 PM. Besides two Japanese guys, we are the only Asians inside a rather jampacked mini-bus full of European tourists. It indeed was a buzzing trip like having to sit through some French class. Most of Siem Reap hotels offer free pick-up from the bus station. However, drivers often offer to help you which hotel to check in depending on your preference and budget if you have no pre-booked hotel. Though we have a pre-booked room at the King Boutique Hotel but we failed to inform beforehand of our arrival so we took a tuktuk ride to take us there. Check-in was fast but our room was at the top floor where you need to take the stairs since the hotel has no elevator ride. It was sure a budget hotel but the cold towel and the refreshing drink during check-in were more than a warm gesture of welcome – the experience was cathartic. The indoor pool was an excellent plus to freshen up after a gruelling 9-hour travel and a popular can of beer can be had at $1 – it was all you need in a far away wonderland. Food at the nearby food huts were incredibly cheap and delicious. The hotel is a short walking distance to Pub Street – the popular hub for tourists for night activities.



DAY 2: Religious Awakening in the Angkor Temples

I am in no way religious but there was something in looking into other nation’s religious devotion that left me with striking awe-ness. To each his own, is more apt for this lingering feeling. It made you realize that prayers do come in different forms, so as our gods. Pray whomever you want to offer it, just as long as it does not harm your neighbor – that is the ultimate purpose of having one’s religion.

9:00 AM. Call time for the whole day tour of the Angkor temples. We contracted a tuktuk for a whole day tour around the Angkor archaeological complex for $35. A whole day pass to the complex was at $20 where your ticket will get your instant photo taken from the ticketing building in the main Angkor gateway.

9:30 AM – Angkor Wat

It was a breezy tuktuk ride to the Angkor temples on a hot and humid day in Siem Reap. You would pass by few monkeys on the sides of the road towards the moat of the Angkor Wat. The main alleyway was cut through the surrounding moat that leads towards the central archway of the Angkor Wat. The whole Angkor experience was just so oh-effin-beautiful!


11058631_1151902788170030_5484439451709461247_o  11850683_1151902784836697_781460065314528779_o


11922828_1151902901503352_4755205591876201624_o  11875072_1151902854836690_1057902681492954101_o

10841903_1151902991503343_7665475079593302858_o  10333557_1151903124836663_9072118306474174138_o

11038988_1151903068170002_4439247592576162183_o  10927838_1151903468169962_398312725878290227_o  11850694_1151902941503348_9032352452707916607_o

Enter a caption

11882301_1151903031503339_4991922036046097601_o  11896428_1151903104836665_5039552443823562404_o


11907133_1151903091503333_4078117769101670210_o  11907217_1151903148169994_5143107334774591132_o

11872296_1151903198169989_7419257915706830287_o  11895178_1151902864836689_981069773915205757_o

Aerial view of the Angkor Wat (not my photo – credit to owner)


miniature rendering of the Angkor Wat (not my photo – credit to owner)


11:30 PM – Bayon Temple

The Bayon Temple is located at the central part of the Angkor Thom complex. It is distinct from other temples around the Angkor for its stone-carved faces that form the temples towers.

11217942_1151903348169974_551713836183481703_o  10927175_1151903374836638_4994043297835891290_o

11845058_1151903424836633_1473593715783006623_o  11872040_1151903524836623_4753238932848869764_o

11884055_1151903408169968_1370941223914564828_o  11885660_1151903518169957_6641990096110789611_o  11930921_1151903241503318_8180876207951693933_o

11872131_1151903404836635_4840137788972798711_o  11893925_1151903888169920_6467272233959524635_o  11895278_1151902988170010_2861517758046403611_o

1:00 PM – Ta Phrom Temple

Your trip to Siem Reap will not be complete if you do not visit the Ta Phrom temple. Who could forget the Tomb Raider movie of Angelina Jolie?

11884946_1151903694836606_4587902517389450727_o  11886130_1151903754836600_6387445843443046430_o

11892402_1151903748169934_8648793159279724934_o  11894003_1151903844836591_7795834775724864188_o

11864827_1151903931503249_8957857295670182883_o  11872113_1151903771503265_8725025702369688476_o

11850683_1151903851503257_4404313779704505959_o  11879252_1151903708169938_2302613096413884074_o



Summary of Expenses:





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